Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sneak Peek of The Ladies Club... coming July '11

            He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and brought her even closer than she’d imagined he would. He wasn’t still mad? She wondered. Had he finally accepted that she was the mother of his child? His lips lightly caressed her neck. Falling into him even more, she sighed softly then inhaled and closed her eyes.
“I wanted so badly to be there with you when you had our son”, Kevin whispered, his voice like smooth silk.
“Don’t worry about it, baby. That was five years ago, you are here now. It’s all behind us. We can move on from here.”  She broke the grasp he had on her waist and pulled him towards the bed. Seems the more she pulled him towards the bed, the further he really was. Her head spun and the room got smaller. His warm, chiseled body was now a blurry dark form in the doorway, threatening to move away even further. “Wait, baby, where are you going?” she asked. “Come back! What about me? What about our son? You can’t leave us! You can’t leave me again!” she yelled, terrified that this time he would not be coming back.
  Naomi Saunders lazily turned over in her bed to meet the morning sun that shown through her horizontal blinds.  Shaking her head, remembering remnants of her recurring dream, the abandoned wound resurfaced, as it always had before. But now, not abandoned, she would always have a piece of him. She had a five year old son to prove it.  She glanced at her clock and had yet again overslept.
 If she was to get a legitimate job and quit The Ladies Club, the late night on call hours would have to stop.  The fact that she was paid an outrageous amount of money to cater to men’s needs and was highly requested didn’t help matters at all. Now partly taking on clients and responsibilities along with Lady Dane, Naomi had accumulated a nest egg of money and was well off.  Why quit a job like that and get a normal hum drum job when you could have it all?  Truth was she loved the game and using her body to get what she wanted just as much as the men loved using it. Most of the time, all that was required was her company, but on occasion, she was asked to do more, but always had a workaround besides the actual sexual act. That is where her negotiating skills and tact came into play. That is also why Lady Dane had approached her, seeing she had the “gift” of persuasion, and offered a partnership in her seedy business as a Co-Madame.
  Turning to look over her shoulder, Jace Lane, her now high profile, attorney sometimes boyfriend, slept peacefully. Jace wanted more from the relationship. But most of all he wanted to be with his son.  Not that his opinion weighed heavily on her or her actions, she’d agreed to slow her nocturnal activities, promising that her outings were purely entertainment and not sexual at all. Jace didn’t like the fact that she was still “one of the girls” because he’d wanted her to stop a long time ago. Plus now that she had his child, it was the suitable thing to do.

            Smoke circled his head as he inhaled one last draw from a half smoked cigarette. Kevin Styles sat in his small office. It was a huge difference from the spacious office space that he’d had six years ago. Of course, his situation had changed a lot in that time, from bad to worse; as if there was no alternative.
 He was cramped in his tiny office space, but thankful he had finally landed a halfway decent job after his fall from grace with WMMT, as the famed newscaster.  The drab, dark brown walls had a way of draining his spirit, pulling him further and further away from any light that managed to shine in from his tiny office window. Finding a decent job was a daunting task, as Kevin moved from place to place, trying to make his ends meet. Wanting to stay in his field of profession, he’d applied at practically every radio and television station, only to find that he’d been black-listed from them all.  A small, third rate cable station was his last interview that he’d gone on as a last ditch effort to land a job before he resorted to a career of unfavorable consequences. Although he considered himself an upstanding citizen, he was from Chicago’s Southside and had connections to things that he’d turned away from many years ago and preferred to not look back.
His face, sunk in as a result of his long hours that he’d put in at the station. His eyes had developed dark circles, which were signs of weariness, and his attitude was just as bleak to match. Although he tried to remain upbeat and face the fact that he brought on all his misery himself, he was still upset at how his life was ruined…all by one woman, and in turn lost the one woman and child he loved at the same time. Replaying the horrific wedding day in his mind, Kevin’s stomach lurched at the thought of seeing his image on the huge screen before everyone there. There was nothing he would have loved more than to strangle the life from Naomi’s vindictive body; if he could have just gotten a hold of her that was precisely what he would have done. She’d put the last nail in his coffin and sealed it shut.
If only he’d not went to that stupid bachelor party that Giovanni, his partner and best friend, set up for him…none of this would have happened. He placed his hands over his face and wiped it as if he was wiping away a film of residue that was out of place. 
 Hope you enjoyed! More to come soon!


  1. Whew! Sure glad Naomi was dreaming. I was about to slap my computer screen if Kevin was really with her five years later. I'm still shocked that Jace stuck around that long.

    Thanks for the preview!

  2. LOL! Yeah, Jace is only around for the kid that may or may not be his... which of course he thinks is his...after all of what she amazed me that he is still there too... but Naomi has a way with men.