Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Awesome Review for Intimate Illusions..extended version!

From Ms. Tipstress

My Thoughts:  Naomi, Naomi, Naomi…. or should I say Mystique.. Um, Um, Um…. Shawna had done it again. With this second novel fresh right after the first… Who couldn’t put this down.. Im still waiting for more. Shawna has this way of her writing, makes you feel like your right there in all the scenes. You could cry with the characters and laugh when they laugh..
This one was far better then the first… Everything was pulled right into place. (Well as right as it can be). Sometimes sequels and scorned lovers gets old.. but this one brings it to the new. I was so shocked with some of the things that happened.. (Gosh I wish I could say it)

With everything that Kevin and Savannah has gone through anyone could guess what wold happen next… Hm well that is for you to find out. Can love conquer it all?? In my world, Hell No.. not one bit whatsoever. But that sexy Naomi, sometimes she can be so so … demanding. She is the type of chick that gets what she wants, when she wants it. (with a huge evil smile on my face) She reminds me so much of.. you guessed it. ME! She will stop at nothing.. and I mean nothing!

I could relate to all the characters and their situations many times over in Shawna’s Erotic Thriller.. and a thriller it is. There were times I was speaking out loud ready to fight the next person that walked into my reading office.. I just had to find out what happened.  Scene after Scene had me dieing for more..
This one is heart wreching, thriller packed, keeps you guessing and on your toes.. and you will never ever look at a revengeful lover the same again.

Oh, the things that people do. Is it all worth it? and never forget to “Watch your back”
Hands down 5 chocolate strawberries…. I hope there is another sequel??


  1. This sounds sooo scrumptious and so do your chocolote covered strawberries. ;)