Saturday, May 31, 2014

Prequel to In Between Lies????

How you like to know more about Naomi before she was Naomi? Find out about Nama (pre transformed Naomi) in the prequel to In Between Lies... since you guys have been soooo patient and understanding in the wait for the 3rd book (The Ladies Club).. both the prequel and The Ladies Club are going to be released at the same time! Will keep you posted and I promise... they are both coming very soon!

I had pondered for quite sometime as to what would make a woman like Naomi.... Naomi? How did she come to be so cold, yet seductive? What secrets lie in her past that now are manifest in her personality? I thought it was worth taking a look at what really made her tick, her earlier years. Could it be her drugged out mother? The boyfriends? Even Kevin way back then? The woman that you have come to love to hate was not always who she is today. What happened? Find out soon!