Saturday, September 10, 2011

I found this while digging thru some of my writings

There was a time a while (actually many years ago) back that I used to write poetry just to either pass time away or rid myself of boredom. One titled Durable Serenity  is one that I came across the other day.. so I thought I'd post it here... and maybe I will post one of my buried poems every other week... Actually, this particular one was inspired by  the pic listed here... (and this pic has been an inspiration to a lot of my thoughts or writings, which is why you see it so much on my site...

Durable Serenity
His mind a steel trap,
His body to match
A force to behold,
Liquid bronze to mold
Calm strength underneath,
A soft pliable sheath
But a kind heart & soft expressions,
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