Synopsis of Intimate Illusions & Excerpt

Naomi is back!

What a woman will do in the name of love!

After a bitter, destructive, and explosive parting with her former ex-lover, Kevin Styles, Naomi Saunders has no choice but to move on with her life. Kevin, equally happy and finally free of Naomi, is ready to move on as well. But before he does, he passes Naomi's taped confession to his confidant, Attorney Winston Lane, with instructions to hold it just in case she shows up to wreck havoc in his life again.

Naomi, torn with feelings of revenge and twisted love, decides to stay on the outskirts of Chicago...close to Kevin and the woman that came between them. In order for her to stay, she must take on a new  persona and lifestyle that will enable her to sustain her lavish lifestyle she'd grown accustomed to living. Not wanting to go back to the struggling life she once endured before her short lived acting career, she makes a lifestyle changing move that hones her acting skills to perfection, proving she is the ultimate diva...or is she?

Here is part of  the opening:
Chapter 1 - After the Accident
       Dragging her sore and badly broken up body from the driver’s seat, Naomi Saunders walked the dimly lit highway and headed back toward the city lights. She limped in pain, but had maintained her stride down the road. Every time a car approached, she tried to walk strong and appear as if nothing was wrong. The last thing she wanted was for someone to stop and offer help…especially the police.
 Her body, ravaged with pain, delivered a strong stride. Like the true actress she was, she moved as if there was no pain at all. Praying that she could make it to the gas station she was slowly approaching, she promised herself to be more careful and mindful of her own safety, before running off like that again. She had unfinished business, of course, but it would be handled differently this time.
The gas station looked deserted. She noticed that one of the pumps seemed to be lit, and working. She watched as a car sped off after fueling, and headed towards the front door.
            “Excuse me, ma’am?” She questioned. Can you please call a taxi for me?” she asked.
The small person looked up at her. Naomi had a hard time deciding if it was a man, or a woman, until he looked up and displayed a light blond goatee.
“I’m sorry, sir. Can you help me please? I lost my cell phone and my car is in need of a tow very badly.”
“What happened to you?” he asked.
“I was in an accident, but I’m okay. I just need a tow. If you could call a cab as well, I’d be grateful for your help.”
“Are you sure you don’t want me to call the police? You probably should make a report or something… what about the other driver? Is there anyone at the accident site?”
“No, and I hit a tree. It was my fault. I don’t need the police. I just need a tow… and a taxi, please,” she responded.
As she waited for the cab and tow truck to arrive, she played this evenings happenings over and over again in her mind.  Her heart hurt. It pained her to know that she’d lost the battle for Kevin Styles heart, yet again. Sudden, sharp pains crowded her chest as she tried to take in slow, steady, deep breaths to calm herself.
The question was… now that she not only tried to take another mans life, attempted to burn down Kevin’s house, then do bodily damage to him, what was her next move? Her conclusion was to lay low for a while and try to rebuild her life. Knowing that Kevin had taped her confession, he had the upper hand and surely thought that she was either dead or on her way to jail. For right now, she thought it was best for him to continue to think that. Yes, she had unfinished business, but first things first.

“Ma’am, the tow truck is here... They need to know where your car is,” the little man said, snapping her back to reality.
As she was giving directions, her cab arrived as well. She gathered her mangled body, slipping into the night, leaving all that she loved and wanted behind.
With no place in particular to go, Naomi randomly chose a hotel to stay in for the night. She’d just gotten her last paycheck from her commercial shoot that she seriously thought wouldn’t be seen by anyone. It was a generous check, and for that she was grateful.
Alone now, she made her way to the large bed that sat before her. With shaking hands and rubber legs, she dropped to the bed to rest. Dried blood stuck to her swollen hands as she tried to wipe them. Raising herself back up, Naomi willed her body to the bathroom. Although the hotel was in the middle of nowhere, she’d expected it to be run down but was happy to see that it was, indeed, very clean. A faint scent of pine wafted past her nose as she inhaled.
She glanced at herself in the mirror. A reflection of wild hair, a now blackened and bruised cheek, and a cut forehead glared back at her, offering her no comfort whatsoever. It was going to take some time for her to rest up and get her face and body back to the mint condition it was before the unnecessary accident. 
Naomi sat on the edge of the small tub. A small tear escaped, rolling down her cheek. Kevin had definitely made his decision, and she was not the one he wanted to be with at all.  Faced with that fact, she knew it was time to move on. Especially now that she was basically running and didn’t want to be found, she had to make her ends meet and enter a new stage of her life…without Kevin… for now.  He would be gone but not forgotten…that she would be sure of.