Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friends with Benefits, the Benefits of Friends

Crossing that line of just being friends to friends with benefits is a tricky thing. Is it beneficial to both parties? Maybe, if they both agree. But even if they both agree on this type of arrangement, there is always one that is going to get hurt or get more than they bargained for.

The gray area that it is, is undefinable and yet still just as much there as your hand is attached to your wrist. So you both agree that you can remain friends. Once this line is crossed, more likely than not, one will develop deeper feelings and want more. What if the other doesn't want more? Can you stand to see him/her go out and date others, knowing that eventually it may get deep...thus moving your friendship to the back burner?

Can you really say that you could stand by and watch and listen to him/her talk about their budding friendships, knowing that sex is probably involved.. and if not, it will be sooner or later...unless you speak up and voice your concerns or opinions. But wait... you two are just friends with benefits. No strings attached, no commitments...Isn't that what you agreed to? Yes, and now you are regretting it. So what do you do?

In Between Lies examines this type of relationship and more, bringing you drama with every turn. After many hours of talking with people, this book is the result of those conversations, ideas, and imaginations.

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