Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Music as Inspiration

When it comes to writing, especially when it comes to steamy scenes, or any scene for that matter, I like to listen to music that sets that particular tone. It helps to visualize what is happening at that moment. And if you have read either of my books, I mention a couple of songs in each of them and the characters react to the music as well. Music is a very powerful tool for envisioning. I guess it could be considered the same as day dreaming because that is exactly what I end up doing....just consciously and writing.  I can see whole scenes, colors, feel feelings, etc. with music and I'm sure you can too.

This song, Stolen Moment, by Alisha Keys is one of my favorites. I thought I'd share this with you. The lyrics are really nice...and it's perfect for writing to.I do all the time.

Here is another of my favs... Musiq Soulchild's So Beautiful...enjoy!


  1. I totally agree! Music brings with it feelings that can lead to inspiration. :-)

  2. Kate,
    Spoken like a true artist! It can totally take you to a different place and when you come back... you'd swear someone else wrote what you wrote! Great feeling, isn't it? :)