Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Am Number Four

If you could have supernatural powers, what would you choose to have? I posed this question to my boyfriend and got quite an earful. He is a Heros and Marvel comics fan...big time. His list was not short, but not too long either, but he did put quite a bit of thought into which super powers he would love to have. Invincibility, super strength, and telekinesis were his top three, he named so many that I can't remember what all he said now. :)

My powers would be 1.) Telekinesis 2.) Mind Reading and 3.) Teleportation (no longer have to drive anywhere, just snap my fingers and BAM! I'm there.)

Have you seen I Am Number Four yet? I just watched it today. I decided to watch it because of the paranormal features it has. It's about a boy who is one of nine people from another planet, living here on Earth. His kind is being killed off, one by one, in order. He, of course has supernatural powers that he as to learn to control. He develops feelings for a girl, which goes to show that love truly is a universal, all consuming, and mind altering emotion. Having a human experience in an inhuman body, he chooses to stop running from the beings that are killing his kind off. Three of his people have died, thus the title of the movie, he is number 4. Without giving away too much of the story, check out the trailer... you may find that you want to watch it. (I watched it on Zune through my Xbox 360).

I give this movie a definite 5/5 stars!

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