Sunday, June 8, 2014

What's her story??

Let me tell you...Naomi wasn't always the diva she has come to known as. The woman you love to hate has a pre story that may just change your mind about her. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears...stay tuned!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Prequel to In Between Lies????

How you like to know more about Naomi before she was Naomi? Find out about Nama (pre transformed Naomi) in the prequel to In Between Lies... since you guys have been soooo patient and understanding in the wait for the 3rd book (The Ladies Club).. both the prequel and The Ladies Club are going to be released at the same time! Will keep you posted and I promise... they are both coming very soon!

I had pondered for quite sometime as to what would make a woman like Naomi.... Naomi? How did she come to be so cold, yet seductive? What secrets lie in her past that now are manifest in her personality? I thought it was worth taking a look at what really made her tick, her earlier years. Could it be her drugged out mother? The boyfriends? Even Kevin way back then? The woman that you have come to love to hate was not always who she is today. What happened? Find out soon!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Ladies Club - Chapter 1 (sneak peek)

Ok, so I have been working on releasing this book for a while now and hadn't quite made it complete yet. One of the reasons, or the main reason is re writes. Doing a plot over and over again can be taxing, but I need for my characters to be all they can be. So as I go along, I find myself looking at different scenarios. Anyway, I think I may have posted this before, but here are the first 2 chapters of The Ladies Club...

Chapter 1
            He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and brought her even closer than she’d imagined he would. Was he no longer mad? She wondered. Had he finally accepted that she was the mother of his child? His lips lightly caressed her neck. Falling into him even more, she sighed softly then inhaled and closed her eyes.
“I wanted so badly to be there with you when you had our son”, Kevin whispered in her ear, his voice like smooth silk. His breath, hot and arousing, brushed her ear then his mouth and tongue moved down her throat.
“Don’t worry about it, baby,” Naomi whispered, now intoxicated by his heated touch.  “That was six years ago, you are here now. It’s all behind us. We can move on from here.”  She broke the grasp he had on her waist and pulled him towards the bed. It seemed the more she pulled him towards the bed the further away her appeared to be. Her head spun and the room got smaller. His warm, chiseled body was now a blurry dark form in the doorway, threatening to move away even further. “Wait, baby, where are you going?” she asked. “Come back! What about me? What about our son? You can’t leave us! You can’t leave me again!” she yelled, terrified that this time he would not be coming back…
  Naomi Saunders lazily turned over in her bed to meet the morning sun that shown through her horizontal blinds.  Shaking her head, remembering remnants of her recurring dream, the abandoned wound resurfaced, as it always had before. But now, not abandoned, she would always have a piece of him. She had a six year old son to prove it.  She glanced at her clock and had yet again overslept.
 If she was to get a legitimate job and quit The Ladies Club, the late night on call hours would have to stop.  The fact that she was paid an outrageous amount of money to cater to men’s needs and was highly requested didn’t help matters at all. Now partly taking on clients and responsibilities along with Lady Dane, Naomi had accumulated a nest egg of money and was well off.  Why quit a job like this and get a normal hum drum job when you could have it all?  Truth was she loved the game and using her body to get what she wanted just as much as the men loved using it. Most of the time, all that was required was her company, but on occasion, she was asked to do more, but always had a workaround besides the actual sexual act. That is where her negotiating skills and tact came into play. That is also why Lady Dane had approached her, seeing she had the “gift” of persuasion, and offered a partnership in her seedy business as a Co-Madame. Naomi had no intention of quitting. Not while she was on top of her game.
  Turning to look over her shoulder, Jace Lane, her now high profile, attorney sometimes boyfriend, slept peacefully. Jace, at one point, had wanted  more from the relationship, but settled for just what he was initially there for in the first place…sex.  After all that she’d done, all that they had been through and all the harm she’d caused to others, intentional or not, he still had a soft spot for her. Any sane man, lawyer or not, for that matter would have left her high and dry. Jace saw through her pain, misfortune and her tough exterior and found a scared and vulnerable woman the just really wanted to be loved. Most of all he wanted to be with his son. Not one hundred percent sure that the child was his, he clung to the hope that he was and asked Naomi on many occasions to have him tested. Since she never went for child support and didn’t need his money, she never opted to have him tested for anything.
He’d hoped that after she had the baby, she’d change her mind about her shady career and want to settle down with him. Apparently, that was not her decision.  Not that his opinion weighed heavily on her or her actions, she’d agreed to slow her nocturnal activities, promising that her outings were purely entertainment and not sexual at all. Jace didn’t like the fact that she was still “one of the girls” because he’d wanted her to stop a long time ago. Plus now that she had his child, it was the suitable thing to do.
“Jace, get up,” Naomi tapped his shoulder. “You are going to be late.”  Rising from her side of the bed, she yelled this time. “Jace! Jesus, if I speak any louder, I will probably raise the dead!”
Jace turned and smiled at her. “Hey baby, come over here,” he motioned for her to move his way.
“Nope, I have to go and get some money to pay Lucia to take little man to school.  I want to see him off today.
Lucia was the live in help that Naomi insisted on having when Kevin J. Saunders was born. Naomi called him KJ for short. Insisting in her mind that the child was actually Kevin Styles’ son, she hesitantly, but finally decided to give him her last name instead at the prodding of her best friend, Shaylynn “Dreams” Webster’s suggestion. “You aren’t even sure that it is his baby…are you?” Shaylynn had asked.
Naomi remembered thinking hard about the timing. Knowing that she was with both Jace and Kevin in the same time period made it impossible for her to distinguish who the real father was. Willing little KJ to be Kevin’s was her decisive outcome. He was Kevin’s and that was that.   

            Smoke circled his head as he inhaled one last draw from a half smoked cigarette. Kevin Styles sat in his small office. It was a huge difference from the spacious office space that he’d had six years ago. Of course, his situation had changed drastically from bad to worse; as if there was no alternative.
 He was cramped in his tiny office space, but thankful he had finally landed a halfway decent job after his fall from grace with WMMT, as the famed meteorologist.  The drab, dark brown walls had a way of draining his spirit, pulling him further and further away from any light that managed to shine in from his tiny office window. Finding a decent job was a daunting task, as Kevin moved from place to place, trying to make his ends meet. Wanting to stay in his field of profession, he’d applied at practically every radio and television station, only to find that he’d been black-listed from them all.  A small, third rate cable station was his last interview that he’d gone on as a last ditch effort to land a job before he resorted to a career of unfavorable consequences. Although he considered himself an upstanding citizen, he was from Chicago’s Southside and had connections to things that he’d turned away from many years ago and preferred to not look back.
His face, sunk in, as a result of his long hours that he’d put in at the station. His eyes had developed dark circles, which were signs of weariness, and his attitude was just as bleak to match. Although he tried to remain upbeat and face the fact that he’d brought on all his misery upon himself, he was still upset at how his life was ruined…all by one woman. In turn, he’d lost the one woman and child he loved at the same time. As if it was just yesterday, her replayedg the horrific wedding day in his mind, Kevin’s stomach lurched at the thought of seeing his image on the huge screen before everyone there. There was nothing he would have loved more than to strangle the life from Naomi’s vindictive body. If he could have just gotten a hold of her that was precisely what he would have done. She’d put the last nail in his coffin and sealed it shut.
If only he’d not went to that stupid bachelor party that Giovanni, his partner and best friend, set up for him…none of this would have happened. He placed his hands over his face and wiped it as if he was wiping away a film of residue that was resistant to his cleansing efforts.
“Kevin, are you in here man?” Gio asked as he stuck his head through the door. “Man open the window up in here…you are smoking way too much in this cramped office.”
Kevin raised his head to meet his buddy. “Why, what’s up?”
“You. That’s what’s up. I’m taking you out tonight, man. You have been killing yourself with these long hours. You need a good break.”
“I remember a time I took your advice and followed your lead, it was a disaster. That’s how I got here in the first place.” Kevin waved his hands in the air.
“Never mind all of that, man. I am sorry that it happened. I have told you that before. It’s time to get on with your life.” Gio had repeated that same mantra to him just a few days ago, and a few days before. “You are doing nothing but wasting away.” Gio did want to remind him that he was not the full blame and had no control over his friends’ sexual activity. He kept his thoughts to himself, knowing that if he voiced his true opinion, it would send Kevin into a further slump. Although he did make it very easy and set the atmosphere and mood, he was not there to hold his hand.
“I know. I know I should be appreciative that I have one last shot to kind of clear my dark blemished past...and don’t get me wrong, I am finally happy to land a semi decent job. But-“
“Ok, then it’s settled. Let’s go.” Gio headed for the door, looked back to make sure that Kevin was following and walked to his waiting car. “Leave your car here, we can take mine.”
“Where are we going?”
“Just sit back and relax, man. I got this and I know you will enjoy it,” was all the Gio said.
Driving alongside Lake Michigan on Lake Shore Drive proved to be a bit beneficial to Kevin. Actually forgetting how beautiful the sunset was, he gazed out of the passenger side window and took in the moment. The surreal feeling seemed foreign to his senses. Not remembering the last time he took just a moment to actually feel anything other than despair, hatred, and loneliness, he decided to soak it in; if only for that moment. Feeling his body relaxing a bit, he’d begun to enjoy and reminisce a little. A very pregnant Savannah was the first thing that crossed his mind. Pain quickly squeezed his heart at the thought of her. Quickly pushing her aside, his eyes snapped open as he bolted further upright in the seat. “Why does it look like we are heading to the Drake?” he asked.
“Because that is where we’re going. Luther and I are celebrating the success of The Blue Horizon’s anniversary. Actually, man, it’s our seventh year in business! Can you believe that?” Gio slid into a reserved parking place, removed the keys and turned to his friend of at least fifteen years. “We have a nice change of clothes upstairs for you. You know you are still a part of this family. It wouldn’t be the same without you. Besides we have been celebrating without you for the longest. It’s time you rejoin the living and get your groove back.” Gio flashed his always bright smile and got out of the car.
Kevin sat for a moment to clear his head of Savannah’s image. Okay, so now, not only is he being haunted by her image, and the whole wedding fiasco, but Gio brought him back to the very place where he met her! “Gio, it’s a nice gesture, but I really don’t want to go in there. I am not feeling the whole mingling, getting to know you scene anymore.”
“I know. And that is exactly why you are going in.” He walked around to the passenger side and opened his door. “Let’s go…and I’m not taking no for an answer.” He adamantly stood there, daring Kevin to refuse again.
Kevin didn’t move.
“C’mon, man.” He had to break it down. “I know how you feel. You really need to get back out here. I can’t have my partner wither away on me this way. Kev, you look bad, man. A broken heart can mend…in time and I think that you have mourned long enough. Jesus! It’s been six years! Snap out of it, man!”
Knowing he was right, Kevin slowly slumbered from the seat.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Unconditional (the movie)

Today was my lazy, lay around day and I could barely keep my eyes open for most of it. I did, however, find time to watch a great movie on Netflix then found out that it is also in Youtube! If you are looking for a really touching drama, Unconditional is the one to watch! I loved this movie! It spoke to me on so many different levels. I don't want to spoil it for those of you that have not seen it because I want you to watch it for yourself.

Great movie... watch it and see!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Okay.... I Have To Admit It Out Loud

Here I am again, no posts to my blog since early last year. I have been busy into so many things and have decided that I need to simplify my life a bit. Who am I kidding... a whole lot. I have gotten away from doing the things that I love, mainly and namely writing. I still have wip (works in process) that need to be completed and I really need to complete them soon. Hopefully, I will still have people that have been there waiting to read it still there. LOL! If not, I will be pushing as usual to get them seen.
So I also plan to be more active on my page as well as with my Twitter.

By the way, did I tell you that I am a huge procrastinator? If you know me personally, you already know this to be so true. I am a work in progress when it comes to stopping the procrastinating.

Yep...this is me. Kinda makes me feel like a member of AA or something. "Hi,my name is Shawna Hill and I'm a procrastinator." Good news is the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right? So today, I'm going to move forward with making a change...starting out by making a list of today's accomplishments: the meantime of me getting my list together, I thought I would let you know that I am still writing, still moving towards releasing a couple of books...hopefully very soon. I don't want to put an actual date on it because it seems whenever I do that unless I'm ready to release in the next week or so, it won't happen. Something in me just wants to sit back and I will leave it as a surprise to myself...terrible isn't it? But true.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: The Ultimate Merger (Hot Latin Men)

This was a short story but very good. I stumbled across it in the free reads section on Amazon, and the title along with the "hot Latin looking guy" on the cover caught my attention ...again for the 4th time. So, passing by it at other times, I decided to take a stab at it. It's a free read, so what did I have to lose?

The story actually was pretty good! For a short story, the author packed a lot of information in it, giving a great feel of both of the main characters. Because it is short I don't want to give the story away. If you are looking for a great, short, and hot read, don't bypass this one. Here is the synopsis:

Two workaholics slow down long enough to find love when they least expect it.

Renaldo da Silva is on the verge of entering the U.S. market with the purchase of a hotel in downtown Chicago. After working hard for several days straight, he heads to a local bar and sees a woman who instantly makes him reconsider how to spend his evening.

When another one of her male counterparts unfairly becomes the lead on a project, Sabrina Porter leaves work intent on drowning her sorrows in wine and loud music at a local bar. Instead, she meets a sexy Brazilian who’s intent on showing her a different way to unwind.

The Ultimate Merger is a short story. It's the prequel to Second Chances, Book 4 of the Hot Latin Men series.

Check this author out! I think you'll like it!

My vote: 4 1/2 Stars The Ultimate Merger (Hot Latin Men) by Delaney Diamond

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dark Whispers (Visions of Murder) Is Now Available on Amazon!

Hi All,

Since I have so many projects going at once, I wanted to share one that I have been working on in increments. So I decided to create Dark Whispers - Visions of Murder - A Mya Jackson Series, which I initially was doing as a full book, now as a short story series!

Meet Mya Jackson, an inquisitive reporter that loves unsolved mysteries....that is until she finds herself right smack in the middle of a case she didn't see coming. Mya also has the gift of visions...a gift she never understood nor fully developed. Unlocking the clues that she sees in dreams and real life is what she needs to do in order to stay alive and catch the killer as the killings start to get closer to home.

It is available on Amazon right now for only .99, but will be free starting tomorrow for just a few days. If you are interested in grabbing a copy of the 1st installment of this short story series, stop by Amazon and pick up your copy!

Here is a quick synopsis:
Dark Whispers (Visions of Murder)
A Mya Jackson Investigative Series

Since her childhood, Mya Jackson had been sheltered from her gift of visions that she'd acquired since birth. Not fully aware of how deeply ingrained her gift was, is what led her to the profession of being a reporter. Mya just followed her own lead. Always looking for the next great story, Mya keeps a file of unsolved mysteries on hand. Her knowing things was unexplainable to her, but there was always more to the story that met the eye.

Quinten Steele, a Chicago cop with a secret past of his own, beats the mean streets on a regular basis and is on the trail of a killer that has committed a long string of murders that somehow are connected to him in one way or another.

Mya moonlighting as an investigator of mysterious deaths and multiple murders stumbles into her biggest mystery yet. Her next case is just around the corner when she finds out that her best friend, Candace, host of the nightly radio show, Dark Whispers, is brutally murdered. Teaming up with her ex, Quinten Steele, together they set out to find out who the killer is and who the next target is as it gets closer and closer to home.

You may recognize the cover from my previous blog tour from some time ago... I hope you pickup a copy and like it too! And if you are feeling up to it, leave me a review.

Let's make this fun! If you leave me a review on any of my books that you may have read,  tweet about my promo, follow me on this blog, follow me on twitter, or like my fan page on Facebook, you will be entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. Each option below tells the # of entries you get for each action.

Just click on the link to download from Amazon!

Happy Reading! Enter below to be entered to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Free Promo on Kindle for In Between Lies

If you haven't yet grabbed your copy, here is your chance to get it now for FREE! Click HERE!

If you get the book, I'd much appreciate a review as well! I love the feedback (good or ...)... thanks!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Been a Long Time

Wow! I have to say that it has been a long while since I have posted or even visited my own page! I have finally finished school and now ready to pick this blog back up. So glad that you stayed and hung in there with me...much appreciated!

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things here and meeting more great people along the way!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winners of the Pre-Party Celebration!...

First I want to thank you all for participating in the blog hop and especially thank Reading Romances for hosting it, allowing me to meet new people and gain new followers! By the way the party doesn't stop here...hop back over to Reading Romances for more fun!

Anywho, time to announce the winners!!

Entry # 59Ashley E! and Entry #322 Krysta Banco! 

I am sending the both of you an email...please respond with the needed info to claim your prizes!

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It's a Celebration! Pre-Party Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Drinking and Winning Giveaway Hop aka The Blogiversary Pre-Party! This hop is hosted by Reading Romances Book Reviews.

  drinking and winning giveaway hop  
The Pre- Party Giveaway Hop is being hosted by Reading Romances as a preparation for their blogiversary party on March 29!

First and foremost, dont forget to grab your drink! My suggestion....Apple Martini's are the best. Smooth and sweet with just enough kick to help you enjoy and get your read on!

What you can win here: 1 signed hard-copy each of In Between Lies and Intimate Illusions  (US) and 1 of each as an ebook (Int'l). Each winner will also receive a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card!

Number of winners: 2
Open to: US  only for hard copies, International for ebooks only
How to enter: Simply use the Rafflecopter below. Please be sure to leave your email address and name!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Hop and enter the other giveaways!

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How to Support Your Favorite Indie Authors

How to Support Your Favorite Indie Authors

This is a post that I thought I would share with you. It comes from the indie author of THE FOREVER GIRL, Rebecca Hamilton. BTW, I am reading this book.. and it is an interesting read. Check out the post and feel free to either post a comment here or on her blog.

The Forever Girl
by Rebecca Hamilton

Sophia Parsons’ family has skeletons, but they aren’t in their graves...

Solving the mystery of an ancestor’s hanging might silence the clashing whispers in Sophia's mind, but the cult in her town and the supernaturals who secretly reside there are determined to silence her first.

As Sophia unknowingly crosses the line into an elemental world full of vampire-like creatures, shapeshifters, and supernatural grim reapers, she meets Charles, a man who becomes both lover and ally.

But can she trust him?

It’s not until someone nearly kills Sophia that she realizes the only way to unveil the source of her family's curse: abandon her faith or abandon her humanity. If she wants to survive, she must accept who she is, perform dark magic, and fight to the death for her freedom.
(This was taken directly from her page)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spicy Addictions!

Hi all,

I changed the blog name from A Novel Life... Shawna Hill's Blog, to Spicy Addictions! This will reflect some changes that I will be making to this blog. In the coming weeks, days, months, I will be adding shorts to this site and adding more reviews (now that I have my trusty Nook) that I have been dying to tell you about.

Its all about the spice! Whether it be erotic, sweet, sensual, etc. I will be dropping it me and maybe a few other authors that I find are interested in sharing their hot stories as well.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Upcoming Guest Post/Interview

Come join me on my fellow author's blog, Scandalous Secrets, this coming Sunday, March 18th and check out my interview/guest post! It's been a while since I have been a guest on any sites, so I am excited and thankful that she asked me to post! Go to Secret Lounge ~ Author Interviews

 Also if you have read either of my books, you know they are full of scandal, so I think they fit perfectly on her site! My characters are not finished just yet, I am still at work creating havoc with them and working on some new stories/characters as well. I hope to release them on the world very soon because keeping them pent up is a struggle! They are dying to escape and tell their stories and compel you with their lies, sex, and scandal....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More books I've Discovered

I ventured into Barnes and Noble today and was over excited about the number of books that I was grabbing left and right. Yes, I know I have a Nook, but the physical book is intoxicating too! Oh, and i did fail to mention that despite what some people think, book covers do have a way of selling the book! I love these covers. It's simple, but makes a point.

Witch & Wizard - The Gift    
Witch & Wizard
One series that I'm most interested is the Witch and Wizard series by James Patterson.. they are YA and look to be pretty awesome. I love the paranormal element....always had a fascination with witches and the craft.. never practiced nor learned anything of the sort, but always drawn to it for some reason.

I do have an affinity for crystals and stones (could it be tied to the witchery?? LOL.. not sure).. but as we all know crystals and stones are supposed to or rumored to have mystical powers....ran a whole city (Atlantis). Now I know that Atlantis is not supposed to be real, but people have been looking for ruins for ever with no results, but the belief is still strong and still there.

Natural Quartz Crystals

Ok, I have gotten off my subject, which was um.... Barnes and Noble and the series... I wanted to purchase the first installment, Witch and Wizard and found that it was back ordered. Seems its very popular... so I will download it. The second one in the series is The Gift... looks just as promising. I'm interested in where these novels go and cant wait to read them. I will give you my thoughts later. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Look What the Nook Drug In :)

I went out and brought me the Nook Simple Touch about a week before Christmas for both me and my daughter. I thought it would be a good way to reel my daughter in and get her hooked on reading as much as I was when I was her age. She is starting to really enjoy being swept away in books...and I love that! So purchasing the nook seemed like a great idea.

I loved the simple touch. And it's just .... simple. Black and white, no color and only wifi to download books, newspapers, and magazine. No frills, but serves its purpose. Now, what I really wanted was the color nook, which is about $100 more. Besides the color, it does much more. It's almost like a mini tablet. Surf the net, watch Netflix, hulu, music, books, books, and more books... I just couldn't seem to justify spending the extra $100 since I have Internet at home, on my cell, Xbox, and have access to it all already. So, I didn't get it.

What I didn't count on was getting one as a gift for Xmas! I was SO excited! I love it! So, now I have two of them and went Netflix, Hulu, and book crazy! I have to say life with my Nook will never be the will be better. It's my brand new toy that I just love to death! My daughter was a little salty because she still has the black and white, but oh well... when she gets a color one (and I probably will get her one so she can enjoy its awesomeness too!)...she will appreciate it, but she needs to read a few 100 books first so I can feel she got its worth!

Some of the books that I have read (downloaded so far) are pretty good....
I'm reading a book by Patrice Michelle... A Taste for Passion (Kendrian Vampires)... so far its pretty good..

 I also read Mandy Roth's Winter Solstice.. I absolutely loved that one! Only problem I had was that it was too short! I wanted more. I recommend this one and her others...

Moonlight Becomes You, by Linda Winstead Jones.... so far I like this one too...its just a novelette.

And I downloaded a whole lot more, including some for my daughter and my son...Anyway, I thought I would share that with you. So... what are you guys reading?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, Outlook and Goals

2011 flew by really quickly for me and I'm sure a lot of you. I am always one to look to the future, but the future quickly becomes the present and very quickly.. the past. There were a lot of things that I had in mind that I wanted to accomplish, but I didn't reach my goal as I wanted :(    But don't count me out just yet. I have some great things in the making, revised some of my plans and goals to make them more attainable and will reach them very soon! I'm excited to see what 2012 brings my way!

One of my biggest goals is to complete one of my new books that I am writing under a pen name...more to come on that one later! All I can say right now is that it is a paranormal novella series that I have been wanting to write for quite some time.

I have to use a pen name since its nothing like my current books and I don't want readers to be confused or upset with the new books that have paranormal themes, especially when they are not into paranormal. I am not releasing them until I have at least two of them done and plan to release them two at a time. My initial release time frame is this early Spring, but want to get them out much sooner if I can. Wish me luck!

As promised, but much later than I anticipated, The Ladies Club is still a work in progress and almost ready for the initial editing stage.

I know that I haven't been here in a while... but I plan to be more active again...starting today! I appreciate you tagging along and hanging with me all the while...  :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's New?

Wow! I cant believe that I have not posted in over a month! Time has really flown by. Most of my days are just quick blurs as I have been so busy writing, working and  pulling together the Intimate Betrayals web series. This is my first time doing something like this and thus far it has been an awesome experience!

Here is the cast that has really supported my vision! They are 100% in tuned with me and want to see Intimate Betrayals succeed as much as I do. We actually begin our first day of shooting tomorrow! Im so excited and nervous at the same time!

Thought I would share the pics here with you.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I found this while digging thru some of my writings

There was a time a while (actually many years ago) back that I used to write poetry just to either pass time away or rid myself of boredom. One titled Durable Serenity  is one that I came across the other day.. so I thought I'd post it here... and maybe I will post one of my buried poems every other week... Actually, this particular one was inspired by  the pic listed here... (and this pic has been an inspiration to a lot of my thoughts or writings, which is why you see it so much on my site...

Durable Serenity
His mind a steel trap,
His body to match
A force to behold,
Liquid bronze to mold
Calm strength underneath,
A soft pliable sheath
But a kind heart & soft expressions,
Leave the biggest Impressions

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Intimate Betrayals Web Series... coming Fall 2011

Good Evening,

I thought I would share one of my latest creations that I'm so excited to bring to life! This is something that has been tossed around between me and my partners in crime for a while... Even before the books were created, the dream of creating a production was in the back corners of our minds. It's funny, I never had the intention of writing this series as I have stated many times, but it seemed to take on a life of its own...and here we are now.

I am still working on The Ladies Club with Dark Whispers a far second work in writing is my first passion. Since the books have been received well, this was the next logical step for us to try to conquer. I love a challenge and this will be one that I welcome, full heartedly!

We predict and forsee shooting to begin this September and have high hopes to have it out by mid October. Wish me luck!

So if this series is something that you are interested in seeing, please stay tuned!