Monday, March 28, 2011

My...How Time Flies

I can remember just finding out that I was expecting.. seems just like yesterday. It was a surprise to me because I already have a daughter that will be 11 this year. I had no plans of having another child. But, he is here now. Elijah, my son, is truly a character. There is so much difference in my children's personalities it amazes me. He is very outgoing and talkative, my daughter, Nicole, is not. He is very comical with the things that he says and does out of the clear blue. A true clown. My daughter does have a sense of humor, but it is usually spurred by something that someone does, not coming from her. He chooses to stay up and watch scary movies with me all the time, no matter what they are, how scary they are.. she is the opposite.. truly a girly girl. If anyone remotely looks like they are about to scream about anything, blood, a shriek, strange sounds...anything... shes gone...on to her happy happy joy joy world. LOL! He is very competitive, she isn't. He is very energetic and works out with me every time I work out (and will ususally complete it), she is not.. she is more into arts and crafts (she does like to dance and cheer, tho) ... she does like dancing.. etc little man is turning 5 years old today... and he knows it.. woke up this morning asking where is his cake!  :)  I'm so looking forward to enjoying my time with my kids while they are still kids...before it becomes too cool for them to kiss me goodbye in the morning before they are off to school.. before notes start getting passed back and forth  in class...before holding my  hand is just he worst... before the phone starts ringing off the hook...before drivers licenses, cars, boyfriends, girlfriends, shopping, and money become the most talked about topics of the day. Happy B-day Elijah, my little man. ... Lesson: enjoy everyday while it lasts and take it for what its worth.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Novel Idea - My love of Paranormals

I have been contemplating trying something new.. outside my normal writing genre/sub genre. Although my first two books were more contemporary relationship based and based on "real times", my heart wanted to write something totally different. When I wrote in Between Lies, I had no idea that it would be receieved as well as it was and my growing audience wanted more of Savannah, Kevin, and the now infamous Naomi, so Intimate Illusions was born as the sequel. Prior to writing Intimate Illusions, I really had not thought of penning it at all, until the demand and requests came for it. I was actually in the process of writing "Dark Whispers," which is  still on the back burner. Dark Whispers is more of a suspense, kind of dark, as the title suggest. I wanted to step out of the contemporary scene for a while and get my feet wet in the paranormal which seems to be the big thing now and a favorite realm for me. (I'm a huge day dreamer anyway)

I fell in love with Paranormal and Time Travel Romances as a teen and have been drawn to the wonders and unknown pretty much all of my life. So it's natural for me to want to write it... right? For the sheer pleasure of escapism, reading/writing paranormal romances fit the bill. So my next quest is to write the paranormal that I would love to read (even though after writing Intimate Illusions, people are wanting to know more about the antics of Naomi, the surprise baby, the turmoil that she caused, and more...and its coming!). 

One of my all time favorite authors of the paranormal is Jude Deveraux. A Knight in Shining Armor set the stage for me, and apparently, it's a fav among a lot of readers. I discovered her as a teen and that was it for me. I was struck by the bug and started to devour every book of hers and any other one that resembled it. Another author I really like is Marilyn Campbell who wrote Stardust Dreams and Worlds Apart, among others... fantastic author! You should really visit her site if you love paranormals!

Anyway, with that said, I have placed the third installment of my "Naomi" series (never thought it would become a series, so I never labeled it as such, but I guess it is now), on hold for a moment and started a kick butt paranormal featuring a hard core female with some really cool paranormal abilities, a hot rmance to match...and... well I can't tell you now, but stay tuned for some excepts and the final copy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Discovering Dexter Morgan

I know I'm really late when I say that I've been watching Dexter. I just stumbled onto him while thumbing through Netflix a little while ago. I must say that I was hooked from the first episode! This guy is great...for a serial killer....with morals (the code he was taught by his stepfather)?! I can honestly say that he is the first serial killer that keeps me at the edge of my seat while dodging his police counterparts that were very close to catching him. I'm only up to season 5. I watch it on Netflix and I have to say that I really like Netflix but Im slightly disappointed with them at the moment because I cannot seem to get Season 5....seems there is a long wait.

This series was/is based off of a book Darkly Dreaming Dexter, by Jeff Lindsey who just released another Dexter novel last Sept 2010. I haven't ordered the book, but I plan to very soon. Check out the site and by all means, watch Dexter. If you like suspense and dark humor, you will absolutely LOVE Dexter!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The to stay!

I have been toying with the idea of publishing my books in ebook format. Seeing as though that ebook revolution is seemingly here to stay and it seems, eventually may override print sales in the years to come... I guess I should stop toying around with the idea and just take that leap! According to some current statistics that I've viewed, ebook sales are growing at a very rapid rate, with no signs of slowing down! Most of my friends and collegues do purchase ebooks as well as hard copy, but I have found that most seem to be leaning more towards the digital format.

There are a few authors that have had major success with nothing but ebooks. Amanda Hocking  for example,  is a great place to start. I came across her while doing a little research for one of my marketing classes. Of course, since I am a writer, all that I talk about, read about and think about is what??? writing! :)  I was thrilled and excited to see that she, like myself, started out self publishing and did things on her own terms and was/is very successful with it. It takes a klot of work as I'm sure Ms. Amanda (or anyone else) can attest to, but the challenge is always welcomed, fun, and tiring at the same time.