Thursday, January 5, 2012

Look What the Nook Drug In :)

I went out and brought me the Nook Simple Touch about a week before Christmas for both me and my daughter. I thought it would be a good way to reel my daughter in and get her hooked on reading as much as I was when I was her age. She is starting to really enjoy being swept away in books...and I love that! So purchasing the nook seemed like a great idea.

I loved the simple touch. And it's just .... simple. Black and white, no color and only wifi to download books, newspapers, and magazine. No frills, but serves its purpose. Now, what I really wanted was the color nook, which is about $100 more. Besides the color, it does much more. It's almost like a mini tablet. Surf the net, watch Netflix, hulu, music, books, books, and more books... I just couldn't seem to justify spending the extra $100 since I have Internet at home, on my cell, Xbox, and have access to it all already. So, I didn't get it.

What I didn't count on was getting one as a gift for Xmas! I was SO excited! I love it! So, now I have two of them and went Netflix, Hulu, and book crazy! I have to say life with my Nook will never be the will be better. It's my brand new toy that I just love to death! My daughter was a little salty because she still has the black and white, but oh well... when she gets a color one (and I probably will get her one so she can enjoy its awesomeness too!)...she will appreciate it, but she needs to read a few 100 books first so I can feel she got its worth!

Some of the books that I have read (downloaded so far) are pretty good....
I'm reading a book by Patrice Michelle... A Taste for Passion (Kendrian Vampires)... so far its pretty good..

 I also read Mandy Roth's Winter Solstice.. I absolutely loved that one! Only problem I had was that it was too short! I wanted more. I recommend this one and her others...

Moonlight Becomes You, by Linda Winstead Jones.... so far I like this one too...its just a novelette.

And I downloaded a whole lot more, including some for my daughter and my son...Anyway, I thought I would share that with you. So... what are you guys reading?

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