Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Reading

Happy Wednesday! I think. I hate hump day and I really dislike dreary, rainy hump days.. feels like the humps are that much higher and no longer humps.. they are now hills! But I have the cure for that... grab a great book! And I know of just the prefect books to grab...

I am currently reading this awesome series by Jeaniene Frost, the Night Huntress Books ...and I'm going to have to say that if I ever run into a vampire such as the likes of Bones!! He definitely can take a bite! LOL!! I love books that just take me away! If you get the chance to read and want a great read.. definitely put her on your list! I am in the second book now and have 3 more to go in this series. I have a few friends reading/will be reading this series and they are hooked, just as I was. I can't say enough or get enough about Mrs. Frost and her books!

I find myself supposed to be doing homework (yes, I am in school attempting to get my Masters in Marketing/Communications), but end up reading and neglecting my schoolwork.. that's a great indication of how consuming her books are.

My want/desire is to produce the same quality, all consuming books as well... Which brings me to my next subject. I am in the process of writing my third installment of the In Between Lies series as well as a new paranornal. The diffrence between the two are staggering.. and it takes my brains a good minute to separate them since I have been so wrapped up in the PNR romances. I have to make sure that my characters don't all of a sudden get an ability that they didn't have before... LOL!!!

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