Monday, March 28, 2011

My...How Time Flies

I can remember just finding out that I was expecting.. seems just like yesterday. It was a surprise to me because I already have a daughter that will be 11 this year. I had no plans of having another child. But, he is here now. Elijah, my son, is truly a character. There is so much difference in my children's personalities it amazes me. He is very outgoing and talkative, my daughter, Nicole, is not. He is very comical with the things that he says and does out of the clear blue. A true clown. My daughter does have a sense of humor, but it is usually spurred by something that someone does, not coming from her. He chooses to stay up and watch scary movies with me all the time, no matter what they are, how scary they are.. she is the opposite.. truly a girly girl. If anyone remotely looks like they are about to scream about anything, blood, a shriek, strange sounds...anything... shes gone...on to her happy happy joy joy world. LOL! He is very competitive, she isn't. He is very energetic and works out with me every time I work out (and will ususally complete it), she is not.. she is more into arts and crafts (she does like to dance and cheer, tho) ... she does like dancing.. etc little man is turning 5 years old today... and he knows it.. woke up this morning asking where is his cake!  :)  I'm so looking forward to enjoying my time with my kids while they are still kids...before it becomes too cool for them to kiss me goodbye in the morning before they are off to school.. before notes start getting passed back and forth  in class...before holding my  hand is just he worst... before the phone starts ringing off the hook...before drivers licenses, cars, boyfriends, girlfriends, shopping, and money become the most talked about topics of the day. Happy B-day Elijah, my little man. ... Lesson: enjoy everyday while it lasts and take it for what its worth.

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  1. Yes..Enjoy those years. They are very precious..I want mine back..LOL!