Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Day Events

Happy belated Easter!

I just finished some homework, that I have to say is late by at least 50 minutes. But hey, it got completed. I'm sure I will get a decent amount of points for it even though it was late. I got off of work today, knowing it was due by midnight what did I do when I got home? Absolutely nothing! Actually, I almost forgot it was due until  I looked down at my books. Shame on me. How am I supposed to set a good example for my kids and tell them to get your homework done as soon as you get home, if I dont even do it? Its called do as I say as not as I do. LOL!!

I played COD (Call of Duty, for those of you that don't know what is, is a shooter game) on my Xbox 360 with my significant other. I suck at it as he reminds all me all the time, but I still like to play no matter how many times I get shot up! I guess you can call it quality time. He is really into his gaming....serious stuff for guys, I see. You wouldn't believe what you hear come out of their mouths! I listen to everything they say. Its amazing what you hear when a bunch of men gather together. Ladies, don't believe it when people say that men don't talk and gossip like we do...because they do. But its called male bonding...yeah, whatever, right?  :)

My kids watched The karate Kid, you know the new one with Will Smith's kid? So now they think they know karate LOL!!

I made some tasty Nacho Dip...great fast dish to make and filling. The kids love it!  So my evening consisted of COD, Nacho Dip, Karate Kids...and oh, homework.

So, I have the next two days off and I'm so excited to be home and just do.....nothing! I do however want to do a blog tour and am looking into getting that kicked off.

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