Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Bonding Vacation

So, I just returned home from an awesome vacation with my sister and her husband, my brother in law, and one of my best friends. We had a great time, created some cool life long lasting happy memories, and also created stronger lifetime bonds! Believe it or not, this is my first time vacationing with my sister and her husband, despite the many many years that she'd poked and prodded me to go with them to their vacation places. I just never seemed to have the time. After all the fun we had, it now will become a priority to get the family together on a yearly basis for some great times!

To get a better understanding, me and my sister were not raised together and had lost contact for about 20 years (not by our choice), and just over the last 10 years or so, we've been getting to re-know each other again, so this was a long time in the making and long overdue. Bringing her family and mine together is a must...and we have managed to do a pretty good job melding back into one happy family..her children, husband, my kids, our brother (was raised with me), and my significant other....good times! Almost seems like we were never apart.

So anyway, we started out flying out of Columbus to Ft. Lauderdale. We both were kind of nervous and she refused to sit by the window.. so I was the big sister and took the heat LOL! I sat by the window.. and I enjoyed the view...

View of the hills, leaving Ohio 

skyview above Ohio

landing in Ft. Lauderdale

After we landed we all headed to the hotel for the night, filled with excitement that was sure to come the next day. Heading to Palm Beach was cool.. of course we got lost a couple of times LOL! But we got there in time to port and board the ship...
The Celebration
  Then off to cruise on the Celebration... destination... Freeport, Bahamas!

beautiful home, beachfront property, Palm Beach

great view of Palm Beach

setting sail...leaving Palm Beach

While cruising, I'm sure you know that the food is limitless...so you know we sampled everything! Drank like fish, gambled in the casino, danced, viewed a male review WOOT WOOT! No, they were just alright...we have seen better, but it was great entertainment anyway. We even drank enough to gather courage to participate in karaoke LOL!! it was fun but we sounded absolutely terrible!! LOL!! But hey, we will never see those people again so who cared, right! Besides they sounded just as terrible. My brother in law did a great job singing The Commodores hit, Brick House...had the audience participating...but he is already an entertainer so it was no sweat off his nose seeing as though he has his own band. Me and my sister, Michelle, completely different story. I think we gulped down at least 3 double shots mixed in our drinks..you know to loosen up. I have no problem reading from my book or doing open mic poetry...singing.. i needed drinks LOL!

To make a longer sharing story even longer, we finally hit the shores of Freeport...let the shopping begin! The island was beautiful! The beach was breath taking and the resort was gorgeous!

Mechelle, Michelle, and me

me and my buddy, Mechelle @ Agave Restaurant

Agave Restaurant on the Island

my best friend, Mechelle and my sister, Michelle

beautiful resort

the resort

on the beach
looking up at a palm tree

I love palm trees..If I could have one here I would
Anyway this trip was awesome and a great bonding experience... and I am already looking to book another one for next year.

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