Sunday, July 3, 2011

Picture of Beauty and Full of Heart

I know this has nothing to do with reading, art, writing, or expression...but I just wanted to talk about my love of horses...I practically grew up around horses and developed a love for them. At one point I wanted to buy one...not to race, but to just have. I think they are beautiful animals that are full of rich personalities and strong hearts! Though I knew I couldn't afford to keep one; they take a lot of time, money and energy to keep them healthy and right...they can really eat, but they have to to sustain their weight and energy, I still contemplated getting one.

I just finished watching Secretariat. It was an awesome movie! 

You know that great race horse and thoroughbred legend,  whose record breaking time of 2:24 (1 mile and 1/2 in distance, I believe it was ) the Belmont Stakes Race in 1973 hasn't been touched...and probably wont be anytime soon. The Belmont was the third leg of the Triple Crown Series of races...won by 31 lengths! If you don't know times or lengths....let's just say the horse blazed the track and all behind were wayyyy behind!  This horse was AMAZING! I found myself really into this movie and wanting to see more of the horse than the actors LOL!!! His speed and heart was untouchable.

Another all time great is the New Zealand born Phar Lap! He was just as amazing as well. He dominated the Australian racing circuit.   During the 20's Great Depression times, this horse uplifted many peoples hearts! He died in 1932, as the third highest stake winner in the world!

Both of these horses were great animals. But most of all what I loved about them and all animals is that they have HEART! They are strong and persevere against odds that seem impossible. There is nothing impossible and there is nothing that you cannot accomplish....just takes time, effort and energy on your part. That is what I have always known and was told growing up...and still believe. This is how I feel about my books and my writing. I know that it is hard work behind the scenes and will do what it takes to succeed. I'm putting my whole heart into this and know that one day (hopefully soon) that it will pay off. God put these amazing creatures here to show us how this is done. They do what they were put here to do... run! I am here here to authors and human beings, we have to know, feel, and believe undoubtedly in what we do...Just look and think about the greats...all we have to do is take and follow their queue.

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