Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Musical Inspiration That I Use

 In case you didn't know, I love jazz music. Mostly smooth jazz. But growing up with my grandmother, I was introduced to a large variety of sounds of music. She was a connoisseur of music, full of culture....and I loved that once I grew up a little more. To be exposed to other cultures, thoughts, rituals, sounds, ideas is a great way of expanding yourself beyond your reality. This song by 3rd Force has been one that I listen to from time to time. There are only particular songs on this CD that I like. This one is titled Echoes of A Dream.

When I write to it, I can envision a hot sex scene...and it really helps me to loosen up with a glass of wine. Just listen to it.. it has sort of an animalistic sound or quality to it. If you let yourself go with it and really feel it, you can see it! If you read my book, Intimate Illusions, this is the song that would have been playing when Naomi was introduced to The Ladies Club lifestyle at the Grand Hotel Party she attended (in the beginning of the book).

Anyway...take a listen. Pull out your headphones, hit play, lay back and close your eyes, listen... and tell me what you think... can you feel it too?

 Ok, here is another one.. not jazz.. but some diversity (neosoul) I thought I would throw your way. Im sure that most of you have never heard of her before. It's by Amel Larrieux, titled Gills and Tails... very talented young lady...not of the popular culture, but quality at its best!... real bumping and grinding, etc.. very nice!

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